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Our creative team is composed of dedicated, experienced and innovative peoples, professionals that work exclusively with R&D, implantation and management of commercial reforestation, plantation and establishment high-value timber, dense and decorative Woods, prioritize sustainable and integrated agroforestry systems.

We are family of rural produces. We believe that is possible developed Agroforestry Systems and Integrated Sustainable Systems.

Forest species (dense and decorative woods – logs for sawmills): Khaya sp.; Acácias (logs for sawmills and energy); Eucalyptus (decorative and dense wood – logs for sawmills, role wood for treatment and wood for energy).

INPUTS AND SERVICES – seedlings and R&D of forest species to supply the demand of commercial plantation. Advisor: environment, legal aspects of the Forest and technical projects, lands/sites for forest projects and contracts; Agroforestry Systems and Integrated Sustainable Systems (forest and agroforest projects): environment, elaboration, implantation and management and partnership. Biological analyzes and equipment – PMN, microbial biomass and others. We determine soil health, degradation and potential for improvement. Distributors of Solvita equipment. NRCS soil health tool.


FOREST – Corymbia citriodora, African mahogany, Red mahogany, Toona ciliata and eucalyptus in Brazilian farms.

BIOLOGICAL FARMS – several livestock farms and integrated systems analyzed